Pocket License Requests

CBOT is no longer providing courtesy pocket licenses. If you wish to obtain a pocket license, please log in to your BreEZe account, complete the application titled ‘Pocket License Request’ and pay the $25.00 processing fee.

Requests for pocket licenses will be printed and mailed each month on the 10th of the month for requests received in the prior month. If the 10th of the month falls on a weekend, they will be printed and mailed the following Wednesday. Please check back here for any updates to the print schedule.

Your pocket license will be mailed to your address of record. Please make sure your address is up to date before ordering it. All pocket licenses are placed in the mail for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service the same day they are printed. Due to the fact that mail delivery is out of CBOT’s control and mail delivery times can be uncertain, please be patient and do Not call to check the status of your pocket license unless more than a month has passed since the print date for your request.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.