Advanced Practice

Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section 2570.3 requires occupational therapists offering services in hand therapy and swallowing assessment, evaluation, or intervention, or using physical agent modalities, to demonstrate to the Board, through additional education and training hours, that they are competent to do so.

Approval in an advanced practice area demonstrates that you have met the minimum qualifications in the area approved. Approval does not represent expertise in this area and should not be misrepresented as such. Pursuant to Title 16, California Code of Regulations, Section 4170(f)(1) of the Ethical Standards of Practice, occupational therapists are required to accurately represent their credentials, qualifications, education, experience, training, and competency. Further, Section 4170(d) states that occupational therapists shall perform services only when they are qualified by education, training, and experience to do so.

Your advanced practice application will be evaluated for compliance with the requirements specified la and applicable regulations. You will be notified if additional information is needed. You can also verify your advanced practice approval through the "License Verification" link on the Board's web site. There is no application fee or additional renewal fee at the time of license renewal. There are no additional continuing competency requirements associated with advanced practice approval.

Occupational therapists in the process of completing the requisite education and training may provide advanced practice services, however, it must be under the supervision of an occupational therapist approved by the Board in the advanced practice area, a physical therapist (for hand therapy and/or physical agent modalities), a speech language pathologist (for swallowing assessment, evaluation, and intervention), or a physician and surgeon.

Further, the supervisor and occupational therapist must have a written agreement outlining the plan of supervision and training in the advanced practice area. The level of supervision is determined by the supervisor whose responsibility it is to ensure that the amount, degree, and pattern of supervision is consistent with the knowledge, skill, and ability of the occupational therapist, and appropriate for the complexity of client needs and number of clients for whom the occupational therapist is providing advanced practice services.

Applicants must complete the required number of hours of education and supervised on-the-job training prior to submission of an application.

Advanced practice applications not completed within six months of receipt or notification of deficiency, whichever is later, shall be deemed abandoned and an application submitted subsequent to the abandonment of a previous application shall be treated as a new application.

Please note: The Board's staff does not include an occupational therapist. ¬†Advanced Practice courses are sent out for review by Board experts. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience. Please continue to practice under appropriate supervision until you receive your approval from the Board. If you have any questions, please call us at (916) 263-2294. Thank you.